Australian offload to float NAB’s boat A 75 per cent

stake in the newly independent Clydesdale and Yorkshire Bank Group or CYBG is set to serve as a late Christmas present to shareholders in National Australia Bank. The “new” challenger bank will be seeking a listing in both London and Australia, with institutions being called upon to buy up the remaining 25 per cent. NAB tried for years to find a buyer for the whole thing, but without success.

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I think there are a lot of coaches in the world that think they can take any decent group of kids and coach them to victory because they’re such good coaches. Frankly, that’s crap. I think players win games and I think the way you get players to win games is you win those players’ hearts and minds.

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It better to dip foods into sauces than to pour the sauces over the top. Think of sauces as you would salad dressing and choose to have them the side and portion them lightly. And to reduce the richness of gravy, refrigerate it and then skim the solidified fat off the top.11 of Life Most Difficult Situations and How to Handle Them.